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          Job details

          Job details

          Post name:
          Sales manager
          Discussed personally
          Working place:
          Gaoyang County, Baoding, Hebei- -
          Affiliate department:
          Sales Department
          Recruiting number:
          Job nature:
          Full time
          Years of working:
          No limit
          Education background:
          No limit
          Release time:
          2019/02/11 08:09
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          Post description:
          1. Make sales plan and strategy according to the sales target issued by the company.
          2. Lead and manage the sales team to accomplish sales goals and plans, supervise and guide the work of subordinates.
          3. Be responsible for communicating with customers and maintaining customer relationship.
          4. Encourage the staff's fighting spirit and train the Department staff. Convene intra-departmental sales meetings.
          5. Understand the industry dynamics and develop the market.
          6. Report to the leader in time and complete other tasks assigned by the leader.