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          Job details

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          Discussed personally
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          Gaoyang County, Baoding, Hebei- -
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          Sales Department
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          Full time
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          No limit
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          2019/02/11 08:06
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          1. Prepare the sales plan of the market in charge according to the general marketing strategy of the department;
          2. To fully understand the changes of the market and competitors, to understand the flow of the market layout, and to pay attention to the changes of the market structure.
          3. The major customers in this market should be familiar with their basic situation, pay close attention to their changes at any time and make timely responses.
          4. Organize the team members to develop the new market.
          5. Management and development of their own customers.
          6. Be responsible for organizing the approval and implementation of the sales plan and conducting supervision.
          7. Grasp the daily sales reception activities of each salesperson and review the sales record card. Assist department managers to establish and upgrade customers in this market, and maintain the integrity of customer files.
          8. Organize salesmen to hold morning meetings every morning to lay out the priorities of the day; attend department sales meetings in the evening to report on the progress of the day and the priorities of the next day.